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Dear Fellow Patriot,

Thank you for being part of the grassroots citizens who stay informed about the TRUTH in Missouri government with

Saying connected and active is critical in maintaining our LIBERTY. After all, our government is to be Of the people and FOR the people, so that means your involvement is essential.

As our movement grows this site will be come more and more useful with video clips and data posted by our correspondents throughout the state. The citizens will finally have an easy way to get the knowledge they need to take action and make sure that their elected officials are actually representing your constitutional rights (as they promised while campaigning) with the votes they cast while in session at the capitol in Jefferson City.

Please be patient, and help us grow…. will not be a site for promotions or emails.


We will be a connector of grassroots citizen watchdogs across the state so the citizens of Missouri will no longer be left in the dark and taken advantage of.


As a grassroots citizen participant we ask each member to follow/like our social media pages AND to use the community feature to “invite all” on their “friends list” so they can also like/follow on Facebook (see step by step instructions below).This will enable the ORM to spread its citizens membership across the state quick enough to have a faster political impact.


As you may know, there are over 160 districts within our state so we need to have reach with in most of those in order to effectively provide the necessary info for informed citizens to take the proper actions when it come time to vote or to work with the lawmakers directly.

Thank you for your help at the grassroots level to get out the TRUTH in Missouri government!


The correspondents for

-bringing you TRUTH in Missouri government-

Welcome To On The Record,
Truth in Missouri Government 
Our Mission 

“On the Record - Truth in Missouri Government” is born.

A true grassroots ‘watchdog’ organization focused on holding Missouri state office holders accountable for their promises and performance - that will bring the TRUTH to the people.  We will make it our mission to make sure that politicians in Missouri will be held accountable to the PEOPLE.


We will be at the capital working alongside the honest hardworking politicians who are trying to do the right thing and we will expose those who’s damming votes earn them a place on the Wall of Record! Never again will you have to wonder how your elected representative votes when they leave your hometown for Jefferson City. We will be the citizen watchdogs for liberty as we put the promises and then the outcomes On the Record, Truth in Missouri government.

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